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DJ Bill Bara Reviews

Truly the BEST DJ in Pittsburgh! | Stacy C

Bill Bara was the DJ at our Wedding and we could not of been happier with the whole set up! Bill very eager to help us have our dream wedding, creating a fun and exciting atmosphere!! This is a true professional and will meet your highest expectations. We are very happy withthe turn out!

Highly Recommend! | Aubrey M

By far the best wedding DJ I have experienced! Countless guests have said truthfully that it was the best wedding they have been to, and Bill played a huge part in that. It was the most consistently packed dance floor I have seen at a wedding ever, of all ages. Our legs werecramped up the next day from dancing :-) His assistant Denise also made sure all of the formalities at the event ran smoothly, do not discount the value of that. Bill also really seemed to have fun, he was engaged with the crowd, and people took notice to that. It was a perfect night, can't recommend them enough.

Best Part of Our Wedding! | Rachel V

Bill and Denise ensured the dance floor was packed the entire night! Even though I'm partial to my own wedding, they are by far the best wedding dj. Guests continued to compliment us all night long. Our reception should have ended at 11, but our venue didn't care, and it wasmidnight before we even knew it! Bill and Denise are so easy to work with, and really pay attention to what you want. They played all of our "must play" songs, as well as skipped the few songs that we definitely did not want to hear. Bill and Denise are fun, young and engaged, but very professional and organized, and know how to play songs for the entire crowd. Everyone from younger cousins to grandparents were loving them! If you want to guarantee a night your guests will never forget, definitely book DJ Bill Bara

My Wedding Was The Best Dance Club! | Jamie K

DJ Bill Bara is the best! My husband and I are so happy that Bill was our wedding DJ. I found choosing the DJ to be one of the hardest decisions for the wedding, but after meeting with Bill we were put at ease. We really wanted the feel of "dance club" music rather than "wedding music" and Bill definitely delivered! The majority of my husband's family was traveling from another country and we really wanted to incorporate music from his home country. Bill was so flexible and played all the top songs from the US and from my husband's country. Bill allows you to basically request all the music you want ahead of time through his website. I felt like the wedding was my own personal club playing all my favorite music. He also provided awesome lighting on the dance floor. And, Denise works with him. She is super organized and there every step of the way if you need her. Very professional. No disappointments. Highly recommend. He will play the style that you want. Even the catering staff told me that they had not heard such great music at a wedding in a long time. All ages were on the dance floor having an amazing time. It really came through in our photos as well.

AMAZING! | Michelle P

I cannot say enough about Bill Bara as our DJ. He created a perfect mix of dance club with class. Because he is still out there in the clubs he knows how to read a crowd and keep a dance floor packed. There was only about 30 seconds where I noticed anyone sit down from the dance floor, and he somehow spun right out of that song so quickly and smoothly that everyone was right back on the dance floor. He put together a speaker loaded with music for out cocktail hours which was in a separate room. Then he stayed a full hour late and no one left the dance floor! The reception was supposed to end at 11PM but the captain of our venue staff told us the DJ could continue to play because everyone was still dancing. At 11:45PM the captain told me he never expected us to continue to party for so long, and he was going to have to ask the DJ to stop so they'd have enough time to prepare the room for the 8am brunch event they had the next morning! (and there was no alcohol being served after 11pm!) On top of that, Bill and Denise are so easy and fun to work with. They are so excited to work with their couples and really enjoy what they do. They are responsive and professional. They only played 1 song from my "do not play" list, but that was because my Maid-of-Honor requested it to make fun of me! Bill even accomodated last-second changes to our bridal party introductions because they wanted to surprise us! Choosing Bill Bara as our DJ was hands down the best decision we made in our entire planning process.

Made Our Wedding Day Unforgettable | Jodi A

Bill and Denise were the best to work. They were so helpful in getting things to organized. They did a unbelievable job at our ceremony and reception. my family and friends commented on how much fun they had and the dance floor was packed the entire night. They were so professional too. We changed our first dance song right before we were announced too.

Great DJ! - 9/21/2010 | Julia B

Bill is an awesome DJ!! For me, I knew that music would make or break the night, so I wanted a fun DJ who knew how to pick the right music so that people would dance all night. And he definitely delivered! He played nice background music for our cocktail hour and dinner, andthen stepped it up to party music for the reception. I only gave him a few 'must play' songs so that he could play what he though was best for the crowd. He mixed up many different genres and everyone was dancing. I have received many compliments on him and everyone had a blast! While planning, Bill was super easy to work with. We talked on the phone once or twice and emailed back and forth as well. His website lets you enter 'must play' and 'do not play' songs, which was very convenient. When we met in person for the first time, he was very personable and we got along great. It was so nice not having to worry about anything - I knew he would be great! I definitely recommend him!

Best Ever!! - 10/01/2010 | Becky K

Our wedding was more than we ever could have hoped! Bill was highly recommended by a friend in the music industry. We wanted a current DJ with the ability to mix a variety of music to keep the party going and the dance floor packed. Bill exceeded all of our expectations! Ourguests had a blast and everyone raved about how much fun they had at our wedding. We extended our time to midnight and still had a packed dance floor. If you want an unforgettable reception...Bill Bara is the perfect DJ!

Excellent! - 11/19/2010 | Meghan N

My husband and I could not have asked for a better DJ to work with! Bill made everything so easy for us with on-line playlists and convenient appointment times. He was even flexible enough to change the bridal party entrance song five minutes prior. (The bridal party had come up with a 'theme song' in the limo and wanted to be announced to it.) Our dance floor was full all night long! Bill kept the party going an hour later than planned and people still didn't want to leave. It was very important for us to have a combination of fun party music for the younger generation but also play some lighter music to accommodate for some of the older generations...he succeeded! There was truly a mix of people on the floor for the duration of the evening. Still weeks later, family and friends and commenting on how wonderful our party was and how much fun they had on the dancefloor...We did too! You can't go wrong if you choose Bill :)

So Much Fun! | Betsy B

Bill was a great DJ who made our wedding so much fun! He made us a custom remix for when we had our entrance and everything! He's so great and definitely recommended!

Dancing All Night Long! | Julie C

When I say people were on the dance floor from start to finish, I mean it! DJ Bill and Denise knew exactly what to play and when to play it.I gave them a very limited "must play" list and he worked in nicely between the music he knew people would want to hear. They wereprofessional and friendly with the guests. Several times they kept me on track when I had no idea that we were falling behind with timing. I would highly recommend their services to absolutely anyone, especially if getting your guests to dance is a top priority!

Bill Bara | Sarah S

Bill and Denise were wonderful to work with. I had attended two weddings that Bill DJ'd at and knew that he would be perfect for our wedding. He kept the dancefloor packed all night. His online customer features were great, and allowed me to constantly be updating songrequests prior to the big day!

Very Highly Recommended!!! | Catherine K

We were so very happy to have found Bill for our wedding! He knew how to feel out the crowd and keep everyone dancing all night long (which can be a challenge at times with the mix of ages at a wedding)! We highly recommend Bill Bara to everyone! Excellent DJ:-)

Best DJ Ever! | Holly H

DJ Bill Bara was one of the main if not thee main reason our wedding was amazing! He was energetic and kept the dance floor packed all night long. Even after my new husband and I left for the night he personally went out on the floor and danced with all of the guests until the night ended. He was extremely easy and friendly to work with and made finding the music we wanted at the wedding a piece of cake. He even did a personal mix for our wedding party dance! Bill Bara and his team was professional. His website was also very user friendly and gave wonderful ideas for each individual couple. PS: He has both moms seal of approval :)

Amazing Experience! | Kate C

I have nothing but great things to say about my recent experience with DJ Bill Bara...he was awesome! When I inititally got engaged, I was certain that I wanted a band to perform at my wedding reception; however, due to a poor selection of local bands ( as well as budgetlimitations), we had to go the DJ route. I am SO happy that we found Bill Bara...he totally exceeded my expectations of what a DJ could be! Not cheesy in any way and totally professional! He and Denise were so nice to work with, accommodating of all my music requests (I had a lot of them), and they had the reception rocking...everyone was dancing! Also, he did not play any of the songs off of my "do not play" list, which I really appreciated! Not only did my husband and I think that he did a great job, but multiple guests have called me since the wedding to rave about the music. You will not be sorry if you hire Bill Bara...an excellent experience all around (and a great price too)!

Best DJ Ever | Emily R

I cannot say enough good things about Bill and Denise. They're friendly, responsive, and enthusiastic, and really cared about making our wedding the party of a lifetime! The dance floor was packed the whole night, and they even stayed an hour past the "official" ending time, just to keep the celebration going. The best part is, Bill is an actual club DJ who knows how to match beats, mix songs, and really read the crowd. He's not just a dude with a laptop. Their website makes it easy to plan your timeline and request songs. Denise did a great job of keeping everyone on track and making sure they were where they needed to be. Bill's a truly professional MC too, he was very unobtrusive when making the required annoucements, but his bridal party introductions made us feel like celebrities! I truly had zero worries knowing that Bill and Denise were in charge of the music. Booking them was the best planning decision we made.

Wedding DJ | Leslie H

We LOVED Bill and Denise!! They are easy to work with, fun, and professional. Our guests had a blast, and Bill kept the dancefloor packed the entire night. Bill brings a lot of energy and experience. I would recommend Modern Era Weddings to anyone.

DJ | Megan B

Bill was amazing! When we met with him it felt like sitting down with a friend. Bill used his amazing up lighting to make the room look beautiful. Bill had perfect music all night long. He was very professional and fun. We even had people from another wedding come to oursbecause of the music. We are still getting compliments on how great he was!


Bill and his fiance Denise did an amazing job at my wedding. I didn't have to worry about a thing. Denise took care of the night by keeping track of our timeline which made it great b/c I got to just enjoy the night. DJ Bill did great too!! He played all the songs on my list. LOVED THEM!!!!

DJ Bill Bara Gets The Party Going!

I can not say enough about DJ Bill Bara. He completely blew myself and everyone out of the water. The dance floor was packed all night and everyone was having so much fun! Some of the mixes he did actually had people cheering. Besides the enterances and first dances, I didn't give tell what else to play just the kind of music that I liked. He nailed it and I had people asking me about him after the event! He even put together a mix of the new and old versions of Time of My Life as our last song and everyone loved it! I'm so glad he was our DJ!

DJ Bill Bara | Krista M

Amazing! Bill got people dancing who never danced before in their life. He is the greatest dj ever and made my wedding a blast. He is great to work with and you can tell he loves what he does.

THE BEST | Corey C

Bill is and was the best DJ you can find in Pittsburgh. We told him we wanted the dance floor to be non stop all night and before dinner was even over people were on the dance floor and they did not stop until the reception was over after midnight. He knows how to get peoplegoing. My husband and I did not step of the dance floor the whole night. We truly had the best time ever and many thanks goes to Bill!

Awesome! | Jennifer D

Bill not only DJ my wedding but he hooked us up with our uplighting too. He edited our first dance song way in advance so we could practice dancing to it. He was extremely helpful and went above and beyond for us. He kept the party going to well after 1am! Awesome dj!!

So Professional and Made The Best Party I’ve Ever Attended | Taylor C

Bill and Denise made our wedding one of the most fun days of my life so far! During our meetings with them beforehand, we would always leave feeling really relaxed because they were so on the ball and genuinely excited to be a part of the wedding. On the day, they did ourceremony music and made sure everything ran smoothly for the processional and recessional. Then, during the reception, Bill was dedicated to making sure everything we wanted to happen went off without a hitch. He MCed in a friendly but not at all cheesy or intrusive way and helped the speeches and dances move right along. He and Denise danced behind the DJ table all night and really made sure the dance floor was always hopping. I would recommend them and any services they provide to anyone! A++!!!

First Vendor I Booked! DJ | Colleen E

When my husband and I first got engaged, we knew we wanted to hire a DJ right away to ensure that our music was perfect. I asked for a recommendation from a good friend who DJs professionally. He recommended Bill and reminded me that he used to DJ at Matrix. To have a DJ at your wedding that used to pack clubs makes perfect sense. DJ Bill Bara of Modern Era Weddings is unlike any other wedding DJ you've ever seen. He DJed my wedding on October 20, 2012. After hiring Bill, I met his partner, Denise Mostella, who is great to work with because she is very organized and listens carefully to your vision. Together, they were able to easily understand what we wanted for our day and execute it for the wedding. All of my guests asked me who he was and commented on the awesome job he did. At the last minute, I realized I needed mics for my outdoor ceremony at another venue. Without hesitation, Modern Era Weddings took on this task. They also provided lighting for my wedding that looked great. If you want your dance floor packed all night, book DJ Bill today!

The BEST DJ Experience! Book Him Now | Laura P

I didn't know where to start when it came to finding a good DJ when I started planning my wedding. Plus, at that time I didn't realize how important it was to have an organized, professional and experienced DJ. Thank goodness I found DJ Bill Bara - Modern Era Weddings online. My friends are still talking about how great Bill was. From start to finish, it was such a smooth process. My husband and I met with him and discussed our taste in music and collaborated with him to make sure that every guest was out on the dance floor. Prior to the wedding, both Bill and Denise were amazing at communicating promptly through e-mail, text, phone - you name it. It made it a STRESS FREE process! A few days before the wedding we did a complete run down of the reception so I didn't have to worry about anything. Plus, their customer friendly website allows you to make payments online and pick your favorite music. It made it so easy to keep track of what we wanted to have played and what we didn't. Don't think twice about it - book them now. They are VERY popular, so be sure to book well ahead of time. You are in for a great experience!!

DJ Bill is AWESOME | Dana S

OK. I have to admit, my husband and I absolutely LOVED Bill. He kept everyone dancing all night, we even went out with a bang, with EVERYONE dancing. We considered a band because we want to make sure everyone was dancing, but decided to go with Bill to save money. By far, one of the best decisions we made. He played awesome dance remixes, took some of our favorite slower dance songs, and made them more upbeat, He was spinning tracks, and he also engaged with our guests just enough to be charming and to leave an impression, without stealing the show. Moments after the wedding, my husband and I ran over to thank DJ Bill because of the amazing job he had done. I HIGHLY recommend DJ Bill.

Awesome! | Mary S

Bill and Denise worked so well together to provide us with exactly what we were looking for for our wedding. They were recommended by another newlywed couple, and when we met with them in person, we knew immediately we wanted them to be at our wedding. The website was easy to use (picking out songs we wanted, didn't want..) and we had a meeting in person shortly before the wedding to go over the details, and general flow of how we wanted things to go. They gave some suggestions and input based on experience, but mostly they let us just say what we were looking for, and they were the to make it happen for us! When Bill is at work, he is so passionate about his job, that that actually helped our guests have even more fun. He has a great personality and stage presence, and I dare you to NOT dance when you watch him spin! The music, emceeing, and even sound setup for the ceremony itself was very professional, and we were satisfied 100%! Get him while you can!

Best DJ In Town! | Lauren D

Talk about a good time...the owner of Modern Era Weddings, Bill Bara and Denise Mostella, are amazing when having talent associated with their company. The DJ in their company was Mark Raich and he was amazing. He was attentive to all the guest at my wedding. Music didn't stop and the dance floor was constantly filled. The online systems they have to record all song requests and everything available for a bride and the reception is awesome! I would use them again!

Highly Recommended!! | Julie F

Bill Bara DJ'd our wedding and we were extremely happy with him. He was extremely professional and made our wedding a blast! Bill and his associate, Denise, were easy to communicate with and very responsive throughout the planning process. They accommodated all of our requests and even custom edited a few songs for us. The online planning tool was easy and fun to use. They created the timeline for the evening and Bill made sure everything ran smoothly. The dance floor was packed all night and we received tons of compliments about the DJ! We would highly recommend Bill Bara and Modern Era Weddings to anyone planning a wedding in the Pittsburgh area. We were extremely happy with them!

Bill Bara = A+ | Erin T

Hiring Modern Era/Bill Bara to DJ my wedding was one of the best decisions I made in wedding planning! I loved being able to customize a playlist not only online but with Bill in person - he really was able to get a sense of the kinds of music my husband and I liked and themusic we did not want to hear. I was scrambling for ceremony music last minute and Bill stepped in and did my ceremony for a small additional fee as well. I had nothing but compliments on him and the dance floor was packed until the very last song - Bill's custom remix of "Time of My Life”!

Bill Bara = BEST DJ in Pittsburgh | Erica D

My husband and I have been to countless weddings and know how important a DJ is. We could not have been happier with how awesome Bill Bara was. He not only kept the party going but also was smiling while DJing and looked like he was sincerely enjoying DJing our wedding. He exceeded all of our expectations and our friends stayed and danced until 1:30AM!!! And STILL wanted to keep going. We got countless compliments on how well Bill did and are so grateful for him sharing his talent with us. Working with Bill was incredibly easy because Modern Era Weddings supplies you with your own website to list all the songs you want played at your wedding and you also meet with Bill and Denise to finalize everything. Thank you, Bill. You made our wedding so special and fun!!!

DJ Bill Bara Was The Best!! | Lya S

Seriously, do not even think twice!! We hired DJ Bill Bara for our wedding and he was AWESOME! My husband and I wanted to put some of our favorite songs on the playlist, but give Bill the freedom to actually DJ. DJ Bill really understood the type of music that we liked and played music accordingly. It. was. perfect. The dance floor was packed all night and we had so many guests telling us how this was the best DJ they had ever heard. DJ Mike was assisting Bill that night and he was also great! They were both very professional, courteous, and personable. They kept the flow of the wedding moving and made sure we were on task for certain things (bouquet toss, garter, etc.) without being pushy or rude. The planning process with them was great. Modern Era has a webpage that you sign into as a customer and are able to enter the songs you would like to be played and more importantly, the songs you do NOT want to be played at your wedding. About a month before the wedding, there is a final meeting in which you confirm your music choices as well as the order of everything in the reception. Bill was very helpful with this and knowing which order would keep things flowing. I feel like I sent a ton of e-mails, especially closer to the wedding, and Denise was great about promptly returning my e-mails. Denise always made me feel very secure in the planning process. Hire them! They are awesome!

DJ Bill Bara Will Make Your Wedding Night Amazing | A Happy Groom

A DJ will make or break your wedding; the entire night hinges on his performance. Let me save you the time and book DJ Bill Bara today. Bill Bara will make your wedding a night you'll never forget! From the first time we met him to the night of our wedding, he put our minds atease. Unlike some vendors, Bill was one of the most responsive and professional vendors we dealt with. If we ever needed anything, he was just a phone call/text message away. Bill is not a typical "cookie- cutter" DJ; he wanted to know the style of music we liked and tailored the playlist to our taste. During our reception, he made sure everything was on track and kept to our timeline. Once the dancing started, there was not a point in the night the dance floor wasn't packed. It is difficult to keep the all the generations dancing, but he was able to throughout the entire night. Bill made sure our wedding was the best night of our life; he went above and beyond to make our night even better. He played until we got kicked out of our hall without hesitation and kept the dance floor jumping. My wife and I couldn't have been happier to book with Modern Era and Bill Bara. Bill is an extremely talented DJ and booking him was, hands down, the best decision of our wedding.

Wedding With DJ Bill Bara | Becky B

AWESOME. PERFECT. FUN. CRAZY. BEST WEDDING EVER We've heard from 50+ guests that our wedding was the most fun wedding they have ever been too. And those guests ages range from 18-65. The Big reason - Bill Bara of Modern Era. We had a complete BLAST, we danced to awesome music all night, he was on top of everything, funny, and played fabulous music. I did give a few don't play songs, and a few MUST play songs so he went off the crowd vibe = FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! They are professional, easy to work with, everything is online … You can't go wrong with Bill. I'd hire him again in a heartbeat!

DJ Bill Bara | Alicia V

Dj bill Bara is wonderful to work with and did an amazing job. All of my guest loved the music and enjoyed themselves

We Love Bill Bara! | Julie F

Bill was the DJ at our wedding this weekend and it was amazing! Our guests were on the dance floor for the entire 6 hour reception. It was a nonstop party. Bill made our wedding party entrances really special too. He was great to work with during the planning process, andworked in all of our favorite songs into the playlists. I think music is one of the most important pieces to a successful reception, and everyone kept telling us that he was one of the best! Thanks again to Bill for making our wedding day so special!

Amazing Job by DJ Bill Bara | Allie S

DJ Bill Bara was the best!! He DJ'd my wedding and did an absolutely awesome job! He did everything I asked, and everyone loved the music. He was so much fun and got just as excited about the music and dancing as we did! It was great to see the DJ having such a great time. Iwould definitely recommend him to anyone getting married in the Pittsburgh area!

Wedding | Hayley

Although our wedding was 3 years ago, I can honestly say that the wedding DJ, Bill Bara, was amazing. At the time, he was just starting this business of Modern Era Weddings, and I can see he has really built it up nicely! He walked us through the whole process and the websitehe provided was super easy to navigate when we wanted to add or remove songs. He was working with Denise at the time, and both were very supportive and were very easy to communicate with. They came up with a schedule that they emailed us before the wedding of the entire evening and times of events. We were able to see the night unfold before it happened. If anyone is looking for a wedding DJ, I highly recommend using DJ Bill Bara! Thanks Bill :)

The Best Money You Will Spend… Ever. | Kinley S

My husband and I cannot say enough positive things about Modern Era Weddings. We hired Bill Bara to DJ our wedding this past weekend and he was THE life of the party! We have heard soooo much positive feedback from our guests about Bill and so many people have asked where I found him. I would refer this company to anyone who wants to have an outrageously fun wedding. Bill set the tone for our reception from the second he met our bridal party. They absolutely loved him. Each of them were able to custom pick their own song for their entrance into the reception and it was the coolest thing I've seen for a wedding entrance. Bill helped us plan the agenda for our whole reception, and timed everything perfectly. He even announced my grandparents' wedding anniversary! The best part was that from the second the music started our dance floor was packed. I've been to so many weddings where it takes 20 minutes just for people to warm up to the dance floor, and our dance floor never once cleared from the very first song until the last. Bill is able to blend one song into the next seamlessly so that the party never stops, and everyone was anxious to see what he was going to play next. I wish that we could do it all over again! I plan on recommending Modern Era Weddings to every bride in my life! Amazing job!

Bill is Amazing!!!!!!! | Danielle L

Bill Bara does a fantastic job making sure everyone at the wedding has a great time!!!!!! :)

Can’t Say Thank You Enough! | Catherine D

Both my family and my husband's family love to dance so I knew that finding the right DJ for our wedding was extremely important. As soon as I met Bill Bara, I knew he was the right guy for the job! He immediately understood our wedding day theme and the overall "feel" of thereception. Planning the music for the big day was easy since Modern Era Weddings gives their clients access to a website where you can select songs to add to your playlist. Bill's energy was contagious and his MC skills were outstanding! The dance floor was filled as soon as it opened up! I stopped dancing (for a moment) and looked around to see everyone smiling, laughing, and dancing the night away! It was incredible! If you are in need of a DJ, contact Modern Era Weddings ASAP! My husband and I couldn't be happier with our decision!

Great Job! | Heather E

Bill Bara was not only a great DJ but kept the bride and groom happy all evening. He checked on us several times throughout the night to make sure we were happy and everything was up to our standards. He kept the entire evening running smooth without question! Besides doing a great job at the wedding, Bill made the planning process easy and effortless! Anytime i had a question or update i could email or text him for an immediate response. I will recommend DJ Bill Bara to every bride I know! In Addition, the staff at Modern Era was awesome too! Everyone we met was extremely nice and had some great music ideas. Bill loves what he does and you could really see it once he was behind his table!! Great Job Bill and thanks for everything!! Good Luck with all you do!

Amazing DJ | Monica G

I had DJ Bill Bara for my wedding reception and after party. He did a great job MCing and playing great music that everyone could dance to. The after party really showcased his talent for mixing, which made for a super fun dance party. I would definitely book him the nexttime I need a DJ.

AMAZING! | Natalie B.

not only is the Modern Era team professional they keep the party going! We worked with DJ Bill Bara who was always willing to answer my questions and provide his professional opinion in a very timely manner. He was very attentive to details, for example, asking my how topronounce every body in the wedding parties name (which was over 20 people) so that he would not mess up announcing them. He stuck to my play list and threw in a few that he knew would keep the party going. He even helped me deal with another vendor who was giving me a difficult time. Bill and his crew only want to make the bride and groom happy and will do anything to get it done! I would recommend him for any event. We also used his company for lighting our reception space and it looked amazing!

Perfect and Accommodating! | Melanie N

I knew from day 1 Bill Bara would be my wedding DJ! I first saw him do my brother's wedding and it was the best wedding I had ever been to. I didn't care the price because a good DJ can make or break your wedding! From Day 1 Bill was beyond accomodating. I only uses their DJservices but they had so much more to offer. They offered their other services but weren't pushy when I declined. Everything is done electronic to the point where you could make your own playlist down to the last song... but who wants to do that? Bill met with us just before the wedding and we finalized all of the details and our requests. When we didn't know a good song for a specific part of the night he had tons of suggestions. I by far had the best wedding ever and it wouldn't have been possible without Modern Ere Weddings!

Bill Bara Made Our Wedding! | Grabrielle K

Bill Bara was amazing to work with! He went above and beyond our requests in order to make our wedding, a true dance party. The planning website Modern Era uses allows you to plan your timeline, select songs that are must plays and do not plays. The lightening they bring also enhances the wedding to give it a great vibe. Our wedding guests were on the dance floor all night wrong and kept commenting on how great the music was, and how Bill kept each song going with his own personal mixes. Bill also played a little extra long for us to make sure our wedding ended on a great note. This company is a great company to work with and definitely worth hiring for your wedding!

Simply the BEST! | Kirstie F

Bill is top notch when it comes to DJ's!! He is so engaging and good at keeping the crowd excited! He was a fantastic MC through our introductions, first dance, etc., he made sure he had everyone's name correct and had an agenda of the order things would occur in the night. He was very prepared!! Bill then DJ'd following a performance by Kool & the Gang. The floor was packed for Kool & the Gang and I was initially concerned that people would stop dancing when their performance end. NOT the case with Bill as the DJ !!!! The floor remained just as crowded and full of energy through the rest of the night, Bill did an amazing job at deciding when to play what song!! I could not be any happier with my DJ selection for my wedding, Bill is amazing!!!

Check DJ Bill Bara's Availability Instantly

Check DJ Bill Bara's availability instantly!


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